Cancer Drug Donation Program Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies to participate?

  • Patients must be residents of the state of Nevada. 
  • Patients must have been diagnosed with cancer. 
  • Patients receiving donated drugs must be approved by the Board of Pharmacy, applications can be found at by clicking here.  Patients must present to the pharmacist a prescription written by a Nevada licensed practitioner, along with written authorization from the Board of Pharmacy indicating approval for participation in the program.

How to donate?

  • Bring approved donated drugs to the receiving facility or pharmacy. 
  • Fill out one donation form provided by the pharmacy for each drug, providing your name address and phone number. 

Where to donate?

Still to be determined. 

What drugs qualify?

  • Medications used in the treatment of cancer. Medications that are used to treat the side-affects of cancer do not qualify, for example antinausea medications to treat nausea from chemotherapy DO NOT qualify. 
  • Donated drugs must be: 
    • Originally dispensed by a licensed Nevada Pharmacy. 
    • Must have an expiration date greater than 30 days from the date of donation. 
    • Must be in the original, unopened, sealed and tamper-evident packaging. 
    • Drugs may be in single-unit dose packaging as long as the single-unit dose packaging is unopened. 
    • Must NOT require refrigeration or freezing or other temperature requirements different than room temperature. 
    • Must NOT be part of a program of restrictive distribution by the manufacturer. 
    • Must NOT be from a clinical trial or study. 
    • Must NOT be a compounded product. 
    • Must NOT be a controlled substance. 
    • A pharmacist must verify that the medication is NOT adulterated or misbranded. 

What is required of a receiving/dispensing location?

  • Must be licensed in the state of Nevada. 
  • Medical facilities and providers must provide as a regular course of practice medical services to patients with cancer. 
  • Fill out application found  by clicking here . 
  • The Board of Pharmacy will approve or disapprove the applications. 

Can a pharmacy charge patients for the service?

Pharmacies can charge a fee of up to $10 to the patient for processing. 

How long does the process take?

The Board will notify the patient or medical facility/practitioner/pharmacy in writing of their decision within 30 days of their decision to approve or disapprove an application for participation 

Donated drugs will be required to be:

  • Stored in a separate area from other medications. 
  • Disposed of properly when expired. 
  • Proper records must be kept including: 
    • Date drug was received by medical facility or pharmacy. 
    • Date drug was originally dispensed. 
    • Lot number and expiration date of the drug. 
    • Original prescription number of the donated drug. 
    • Pharmacy name and phone number that originally dispensed the donated drug. 
    • Name, dosage and quantity of donated drug. 
    • Name, address, and telephone number of the person donating the drug. 
    • The name address and phone number of the facility distributing the drug. 
  • Re-dispensed by a licensed pharmacist after proper labeling.