Board Coordinator Shirley Hunting is the designated records official for the Board responsible for compliance with the Nevada Public Records Act, NRS Chapter 239, together with NAC Chapter 239, Chapter 0400 and Chapter 2000 of the State Administrative Manual, and State records retention schedules. Public records requests may be made by submitting the Public Records Request Form. If you require assistance in identifying the records requested, or for reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities, please contact Shirley Hunting at (775) 850-1440, email at or at 985 Damonte Ranch Parkway, Suite 206, Reno, Nevada, 89521. The Board generally does not charge a fee for providing public records.  However, the Board may charge for extraordinary use of personnel or technological resources if necessary to produce records in response to a request; in such cases the Board will submit to the requester a written estimate of the costs to produce beforehand.