Prescription Drug Donation Program

During the 2017 Legislative Session the Nevada Legislature enacted the Prescription Drug Donation Program (Program).

The Program allows approved participating pharmacies to accept donated prescription medications from a person or government agency. The donated drugs may be re-dispensed to a Nevada resident.

A pharmacy may choose to participate in the Program and receive donated drugs by completing the application below. Participation in the Program is voluntary, and the pharmacy may withdraw from participating in the Program at any time by completing the withdrawal form below.

A pharmacy wishing to participate in the Program, a person or government entity wishing to donate a prescription drug to the Program, the prescription drugs donated to the Program, and a person wishing to accept donated prescription drugs from the Program, must comply with the statutes and regulations below:


R007-22AP.pdf (

Participating Pharmacies

There are currently no pharmacies participating in the Prescription Drug Donation Program.