File a Complaint

The Nevada State Board of Pharmacy's sole mission is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of Nevada's patients who use prescription drugs. We welcome all complaints regarding our licensees. Every year we investigate and prosecute cases in which a pharmacy or pharmacist or other licensee has failed to serve the public well and safely.

Please Note: The Board does not have jurisdiction over complaints involving rudeness, customer service, pricing, or billing disputes.

Here are the steps you need to do to file a complaint:

  • File a complaint online at the link below.  
    • Fill out the form completely and press submit at the end of the form.  Please be as detailed and thorough as you can.  There will be a place to upload any supporting documents for your case.
  • If you prefer to submit a paper form.  Please click Pharmacy Complaint Form below.  If you are unable to print a form you may call us at (775)850-1440 and we will mail a form to you. 
    • Fill out the form completely, sign it, and mail it to our office. Please be as detailed and thorough as you can, and provide copies of whatever information you might have that supports your complaint.
  • If you want to file a complaint anonymously please provide your contact information on the form and mention that you wish to remain anonymous in the "Statement of Complaint" section.  The Board Investigator will need your information in order to contact you about the case.  

File a complaint online:

Online Complaint Form

Pharmacy Complaint Form

Pharmacy Complaint Form (Interactive-pdf)