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Board Meeting Schedule

This schedule includes Application Deadline Dates and meeting Locations.

2017 Board Meetings

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Board Meeting (One Day 3/1/2017)
09:00 AM
- Hyatt Place 1790 E Plumb Ln - Reno
Amended Agenda March 2017 documentJanuary 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes documentJanuary 26, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes documentConsent Agenda March 2017 documentDiscipline March 2017 documentApp PH Recip March 2017 documentApp OOS WH March 2017 documentRequested Appearance Wilson March 2017 documentApp NV WH March 2017 documentApp OOS Compounding PH March 2017 documentRequest Pinnacle Sterile Compound and Mail documentApp NV PH March 2017 documentExec Secretary Report March 2017 documentWorkshop NAC 453.460 March 2017 document
Special Board Meeting
08:00 AM
- NV Board of Pharmacy Office, 431 W Plumb Ln. - Reno
- Teleconference: (888) 204-5987 Access Code: 4231483 -
January 26, 2017 Special Board Meeting Agenda document
Board Meeting (One Day 1/11/2017)
09:00 AM
- The Hilton Garden Inn, 7830 S. Las Vegas Blvd - Las Vegas
Amended January 2017 Agenda documentDecember 2016 Meeting Minutes documentJanuary 2017 Consent Agenda documentJanuary 2017 Discipline documentJanuary 2017 NV PH Applications documentJanuary 2017 MDEG Applications documentJanuary 2017 Request for Reinstatement documentJanuary 2017 General Counsel's Report documentJanuary 2017 Executive Secretary's Report documentJanuary 2017 Discussion and Determination document

2016 Board Meetings

Originating Site | Teleconference remote site | Video Conference remote site | View Online
Board Meeting (Two Days 12/7/2016-12/8/2016)
09:00 AM
- Hyatt Place, 1790 E Plumb Ln - Reno, Nevada
December 2016 Meeting Agenda documentOctober 2016 Meeting Minutes (Draft) documentDecember 2016 Consent Agenda documentDecember 2016 Discipline documentNV PH Applications December 2016 documentOOS PH Applications December 2016 documentNV MDEG Applications December 2016 documentOOS WH Application December 2016 documentBriovaRX Request  December 2016 documentCVS Request December 2016 documentExecutive Secretary Report December 2016 document
Board Meeting (Two Days 10/12/2016-10/13/2016)
09:00 AM
- The Hilton Garden Inn, 7830 S. Las Vegas Blvd - Las Vegas
October 2016 Agenda documentSeptember 2016 Minutes Draft documentOctober 2016 Consent Agenda documentOctober 2016 Discipline documentOctober 2016 Reconsideration documentOctober 2016 PT Application documentOctober 2016 PA Prescribe Application documentOctober 2016 OOS PH Application documentOctober 2016 NV PH Application documentOctober 2016 CS Application documentOctober 2016 WH Application documentOctober 2016 NV MDEG Application documentOctober 2016 Exec Sec Report documentOctober 2016 D&D documentOctober 2016 Workshop document
Board Meeting (Two Days 9/7/2016-9/8/2016)
09:00 AM
- Hyatt Place, 1790 E Plumb Ln - Reno
September 2016 Agenda documentJuly 2016 Meeting Minutes  documentSeptember 2016 Consent Agenda documentSeptember 2016 Discipline documentSeptember 2016 CS Applications documentSeptember 2016 Discussion  documentSeptember 2016 PA Prescribe Application documentSeptember 2016 OOS Pharmacy Applications documentSeptember 2016 MDEG Applications documentSeptember 2016 NV Pharmacy Applications documentSeptember 2016 NV Wholesaler Applications documentSeptember 2016 Meeting Dates Request for Approval documentSeptember 2016 Executive Secretary Report documentSeptember 2016 Workshop document
Public Hearing Notice
09:00 AM
- The Hilton Garden Inn, 7830 S. Las Vegas Blvd - Las Vegas, NV
Public Hearing Notice document
Board Meeting (Two Days 7/20/16-7/21/16)
09:00 AM
- The Hilton Garden Inn, 7830 S. Las Vegas Blvd - Las Vegas, NV
July 2016 Agenda documentJune 2016 Meeting Minutes documentConsent Agenda documentDiscipline documentNV Pharmacy App documentRPHbyExam documentPA Disp App documentCS App documentDispense App documentRenewCSDisp documentPTT App documentOOSCompPH documentOOSPH documentNVMDEGApp documentOOS WH Reconsideration documentExec Secretary Report documentJuly 2016 Workshop documentJuly 2016 Public Hearing document
Board Meeting & Public Hearing Notice
09:00 AM
- Hyatt Place - 1790 East Plumb Lane - Reno, NV
Agenda documentAgenda documentApril Minutes documentConsent Agenda documentDiscipline documentOOSCompPH documentReq.Rein.PT documentRPhApp documentPTTApp documentNVMDEG documentNVPH documentReq.Appear documentElecOfficers documentExecSecRpt documentPropReg document
Board Meeting & Public Hearing Notice (Two Days 4/13/16-4/14/16)
09:00 AM
- The Hilton Garden Inn, 7830 S. Las Vegas Blvd. - Las Vegas, NV
Board Meeting & Agenda documentAgenda documentMarch 02 Minutes document03 Consent Agenda document04 Discipline document05 PTT App document06 Recip App document08 RPH Renewal App document09 PT Reinst Req document10 Recon Req Denied document11 NVMDEG App document12 OOSPH Renewal App document13 OOSHP App document14 NVPH App document15 OOSHP Compound document16 Reduce Surety Bond Req document18 Exec Sec Rpt document19 Notice of Intent document
Board Meeting & Notice Meeting
09:00 AM
- Hyatt Place, 1790 E Plumb Lane - Reno, Nevada
Agenda documentAmendedAgendaMarch2016 documentMinutes-January-2016 documentConsentAgenda documentDiscipline documentApplications-NVph documentRenewal-RPh documentRecipReq-RPh documentApplications-CS documentRenewal-CS documentApplications-PD documentApplications-APRNpres documentRequestedAppearance documentReqComputerTransferRx documentDiscussionDetermination documentxecSecRpt documentWorkShop document
Board Meeting & Notice of Hearing for the Adoption and Amendment of Regulations
09:00 AM
- Hilton Garden Inn, 6830 Las Vegas Boulevard - Las Vegas
Notice of Hearing document2006-01-13 Agenda January 2016 document2006-01-13 Minutes October 2015 document2006-01-13 Consent Agenda A document2006-01-13 Consent Agenda B document2006-01-13 Discipline document2006-01-13 Applications NV mdeg document2006-01-13 Applications NV ph document2006-01-13-0 Renewal RPh document2006-01-13 Applications PA disp document2006-01-13 Applications PA pres document2006-01-13 Reins Req PT document2006-01-13 Recip Req RPh document2006-01-13 ExamReq RPh document2006-01-13 Application CS document2006-01-13 Briova Rx document2006-01-13 OOS Compound document2006-01-13 Exec Sec Rpt document2006-01-13 Work Shop document2006-01-13 Public Hearing document

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